Baboo Digital

Printed large scale canvas pieces with Baboo.
I’m amazed to say the 72 inch by 38 inch canvas print looks the same as it did on my monitor. No jagged edges no odd colors. It came out great.
Thank you guys.

I have worked with Baboo Digital for several years. The staff there is very knowledgeable, attentive to details and provide outstanding customer service. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else for my digital printing and fine art needs.

Neil was wonderful to work with. He was attentive, detail oriented and super flexible. We would absolutely work with him again

Always the best service.  Exquisite printing, and great customer service which always leaves one feeling supported and valued as a customer and a person.  Highly recommended.

I've used Baboo twice to print and install vinyls, and I will always come back to them!  Turn-around time is quick; My designs are printed beautifully; Vinyls are installed without flaw; Prints and labor are very affordable.  Baboo will always have my business!

Baboo and his team did an outstanding job turning my late grandfathers framed geometrical drawing/chart that he created for the company he used to work for, Monitor Aerospace, into a digital copy. Baboo then proceeded to print it on a piece of metal. I had a piece made for myself and members of my family. I think my family and I all would have very happy with just a reproduced print that we could all hang up, but per Baboo's suggestion and execution, it was printed on a metal sheet. We were all speechless. Not only do we now have a wonderful piece of work to always remind us of my grandfather but it has now become a statement piece that so many of my friends and family are astonished by. Thank you to Baboo and his team for creating something so special that I couldn't even think up!

Baboo is a wonderful print shop! Their work is of the highest quality, they take the time to work with customers to make sure everything comes out right (even on small jobs like mine). On the one occasion when something wasn’t right, they fixed it immediately. I print my electronic drawings at Baboo, and have found that they not only do excellent printing, but their advice about sizing, framing and so on has been extremely helpful. Overall my experience has been great.

I have been going here for over 2 years, getting paintings scanned and framed. Gina and staff are so helpful and professional, and I would not think of going anywhere else to get my paintings scanned and framed. The turnaround time and prices are great, as the staff goes above and beyond to produce quality work! Always a great experience dealing with Baboo Digital and I would recommend them to anyone.

I've used Baboo Digital on numerous occasions for professional quality large scale printing. We were able to work directly with the technicians for advice and to refine the final image to our exact specifications - even with a rush. The staff are very knowledgeable and I've always been very pleased with their work.

I just ordered from Baboo again...INCREDIBLE, ONCE AGAIN!  THANK YOU!  It is always a pleasure doing business with Baboo, Joe and the whole team at Baboo Digital! Not only are they super easy to deal with, but their products come out AMAZING!!! They have helped make my home look like the home of a true photography collector.  Thanks!

As a fine artist, I needed the best place to create Gallery Plexiglas Fine Art Prints for a Solo Show in NYC.. and Baboo was the best. They created excellent prints, with color that was exactly right. They are professional, courteous, and created the art in just the right time. I had 22 pieces created, and yes, every single one came out just right.
I totally recommend them to anyone who wants the best.  And people who saw my art at the show all remarked how good the presentation was--the art with the printing  done by Baboo Digital.Thank you Baboo.

Baboo helped our business with a project that was very important to us recently, and it was quite extensive. Every step of the way Baboo was excellent- from test prints, to meeting the tight deadlines, and following through with excellent results. The staff there were super responsive at every step. As soon as we reopen we look forward to continuing with a second project.

I have  worked with Baboo Digital on two art gallery exhibits and the outcome has been excellent. Their product quality is top notch and reasonably priced. Just as important their customer support is efficient, flexible and always friendly. I have worked with Julie in both occasions. She and the rest of the Baboo team have been a pleasure to work with.

The customer service, detail and care regarding my photography and my goals regarding my prints was terrific.
As a former agent to photographers in New York City,LA and Chicagoas well as being the former president of the Society of Photographers & Artists Representatives in New York City,  I am able to comfortably make the claim that Baboo will go the distance for you regarding your needs! It was great to work with them.

I agree with the sentiments of the other 5 Star reviewers. I had a good feeling about dealing with them after speaking with them on the phone.  They helped me create a very important gift in a very short amount of time.  I recommended the shop to an artist friend of mine.  Thank you Baboo. TB

They are simply the best. Awesome people. Extremely helpful (I got a crash course on how to prep my files on photoshop and got immediate attention from several of different employees on several different issues). High quality and customized job and yet still much more reasonable than any other print shop out there. I literally wanted to start working there and do what they do because they made it look like it's not work for them but poetry. Thank you Baboo Digital and may the new year bring you all the students and professionals you need in order to bank and square!

Baboo made it possible for me to have such a successful Gallery Exhibition!  From the moment I walked in and spoke to Gina; I felt that this was the place where I wanted to print my artwork.  The customer service was great, and timely. And, I felt valued as a person and artist.

A week later; I picked up the prints for my gallery exhibition and walked away excited to show off my work!  The quality was impeccable and Gina made sure to package the prints for travel.  (The art gallery was in Nashville!).  Those who came to my showcase were very impressed and that was the icing on the cake for me.  It made me so happy and proud of the work I created.  It takes a team; and I’m happy I chose Baboo to be part of this journey.

Baboo Digital is a professional company which has produced my work for 20 years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Their quality is top notch. Their service on one to one is exceptional. Their knowledge of their products is excellent.

Great job on my lawn signs. They were perfect. Fair pricing and super fast turnaround time.


Baboo Digital has a very professional team that provides beautiful graphics for our NY office. Their cost estimates are always fair and communication is clear. We are looking forward to working with them again soon and very much appreciate how they have helped us improve our spaces. Thank you!

The staff at Baboo did an excellent job fulfilling my order of two plex mounted prints. They made sure my files were clean, gave me good advice on mounting option and had a fast turn around (four days). I highly recommend them.

I've been getting all my pressed flower art scanned and printed here at Baboo Digital. the customer service is beyond, I love feeling like I can really communicate what my vision is and gina and the staff go above and beyond to make it a reality. I highly recommend this company to any artist looking to reproduce their work.

I've been using Baboo Digital for several years now for both digital fine art printing and framing. My prints are gallery-exhibition quality and look absolutely beautiful. Color has always been spot on. Baboo Digital has always been easy to work with, great communication and fantastic turnaround and service. I highly recommend this digital lab for your commercial and fine art printing needs.

Absolutely love working with this company! They're incredibly talented, attentive and professional. We had a vision of what we wanted to accomplish and Neil took the time to help us brainstorm and bring our idea to fruition. The quality of their product and service is unmatched!

The team at Baboo Digital has been nothing short of fantastic! They have amazing patience when it comes to my all-too-common client questions 😂 plus, the pieces arrive even better than the client could have imagined. They are my go-to when it comes to my special orders, hands down.