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Every year, nature paints the world with vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold as autumn arrives. People travel from all corners of the globe to witness the breathtaking beauty of fall foliage. While photographs capture moments, there's a way to bring a piece of that natural wonder home with you – by preserving and framing the vibrant leaves of fall.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the art of preserving fall leaves and transforming them into stunning framed artworks. Discover the joy of capturing the essence of autumn and preserving it as a timeless piece of decor that will fill your space with the warmth and beauty of the season.

Step 1: Choosing and Collecting Leaves

Before you start preserving and framing fall foliage, you need to select the perfect leaves. Take a stroll in the woods, and you'll find a multitude of options. Look for leaves that are in prime condition, free from insect bites, tears, or curling. Carry a plastic container to store your delicate finds while collecting, preventing any unwanted damage. Once you're home, gently clean the leaves by removing any lingering moisture and brushing off dirt.

Step 2: Pressing Leaves Flat

To preserve the vibrant colors and delicate structure of fall leaves, you'll want to press them flat. Here are two methods to achieve this:

Method 1: Use a Heavy Book

Ensure the leaves are completely dry.
Place them between layers of paper, such as newspaper (an old book works well for this).
Press the book down and leave it undisturbed for several weeks to flatten the leaves gently.

Method 2: Iron with Wax Paper

Select a dry leaf with minimal moisture content.
Place the leaf between two sheets of wax paper.
Cover the setup with a cloth on an ironing board.
Iron over the cloth on low heat until the wax paper becomes translucent.
Let the leaf cool, and then trim it, leaving a small wax paper border to seal the leaf.

Step 3: Preserving Fall Leaves for Framing

To keep your fall leaves looking vibrant and supple, consider these preservation methods:

Method 1: Use Glycerin

Create a solution by mixing water and glycerin.
Submerge the leaves in the solution in a pan.
Remove the leaves once they feel pliable (typically after four days).

Method 2: Mod Podge Preservation

Press the leaves and apply Mod Podge to one side.
Allow it to dry, then flip the leaf and apply Mod Podge to the other side.

Step 4: Framing Fall Leaves

Framing your preserved fall leaves is an opportunity to get creative and showcase the colors of autumn. Here are some framing options:

1. Wood Frames for Natural Elegance:

Wood frames complement fall leaves beautifully with their natural aesthetics. Consider arranging leaves of various colors to create a captivating mix.

2. Acrylic or Glass Sandwich Frames (Temporary Decor):

While not recommended for long-term preservation, sandwiching your leaves between two pieces of acrylic or glass can provide a stunning, contemporary look. However, direct contact with these surfaces may damage the leaves over time.

3. Expert Framing with Spacers:

For a professional touch, consider mounting the leaves onto the rear glazing and using spacers to separate the upper glazing. This method ensures your artwork is protected while allowing you to display the vibrant beauty of autumn.


Preserving and framing fall foliage allows you to capture the enchantment of autumn and bring it into your living space. Whether you opt for the natural elegance of wood frames or experiment with contemporary acrylic displays, your framed fall leaves will be a testament to the beauty of the season.

If you're looking to embark on a leaf-framing project and seek affordable yet creatively framed results with a professional touch, Baboo Digital is here to help. We specialize in custom leaf framing, offering exceptional style that caters to every budget and taste. Let's transform your fall leaves into captivating works of art that will remind you of the season's splendor year-round.


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