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For artists and photographers, the presentation of their work is an integral part of the creative process. How you frame and display a photograph or artwork can significantly impact its overall effect. While traditional frames with mats and glass have their place, there's another framing option that can add a unique touch of elegance and style to your pieces – float frames.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the world of float frames: what they are, when to use them, and how they can enhance the presentation of your cherished artwork and photographs. Discover how float frames create a captivating illusion of depth and transform your pieces into mesmerizing masterpieces that deserve a place on any wall.

Choosing the Right Frame: More Than Meets the Eye
A frame isn't merely a functional accessory for wall mounting; it's an essential component of your artwork's final presentation. The frame you choose can define the mood and style of your piece, turning it into a true work of art. While traditional wooden frames with mats and glass are familiar to many, there's a world of framing possibilities beyond these classics. At Baboo Digital, we offer a range of framing options, including shadowboxes, metal frames, and, of course, float frames.

Unlocking the Magic: What Is a Float Frame?
A float frame lives up to its name by creating the illusion that your artwork is suspended within the frame, seemingly floating without the constraints of glass. This unique framing style adds a three-dimensional depth to your work, captivating viewers and drawing them into your creation. Float frames come in various sizes and depths, providing you with the flexibility to tailor the presentation of your photograph or artwork to perfection.

When to Choose a Float Frame: Making the Right Decision
A float frame may be the ideal choice for your artwork under specific circumstances:

Maximizing Display Space: If you're dealing with limited wall space, float frames are an excellent option. Unlike traditional frames with mats that can add significant inches to your piece, float frames maintain a sleek profile, making them perfect for compact spaces.

Contemporary Art: Float frames beautifully complement contemporary art pieces, enhancing their modern aesthetics and creating a seamless connection between the art and its surroundings.

Highlighting Interesting Edges: If your artwork features captivating details, textures, or interesting edges, a float frame is the perfect choice. It showcases these unique accents without obscuring them, as can happen with full-bleed or matted frames.

What Can You Display with a Float Frame?
Float frames are exceptionally versatile and work wonders for various types of artwork, including:

Gallery Wrap Canvas: When it comes to gallery wrap canvases, float frames are securely attached to the back of the stretched canvas via the support bars. This framing method ensures your art piece remains the center of attention.

Gallery Plexiglass: For artworks presented with Plexiglass, the float frame is "face-mounted" to provide a sleek, contemporary look. Importantly, the frame never comes into contact with the actual surface of the print, preserving its pristine quality.

Mounting Your Float Frame: A Hassle-Free Process
One of the significant advantages of framing your artwork with float frames is the ease of hanging. These frames are designed for straightforward installation, allowing you to showcase your pieces effortlessly on gallery walls or in your clients' spaces. The simplicity of float frame mounting ensures that your art takes center stage without distractions.

Let Us Assist You!
Whether you have a collection of art pieces waiting to be framed, gallery wraps in need of the perfect finishing touch, or a new series for an upcoming exhibition, our team at Baboo Digital is here to help. We specialize in float frames and can guide you in selecting the ideal frame for your artwork. Let's transform your creations into captivating masterpieces that deserve to be showcased in the finest galleries and homes. Reach out to us today to explore the possibilities of float frames for your artwork.


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